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Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Pets

By St Johns Bluff Animal Care Center | December 14, 2023

Don’t leave your pet out of the gift-giving fun this holiday season! Whatever holiday you celebrate, your pet can celebrate, too. Treats are always fun, but there are so many other options, as well. This season is a great time to invest in some products that you and your pet can enjoy year-round. Consider gifts […]

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Pretty but Poisonous: Toxic holiday plants to keep away from your pet

By St Johns Bluff Animal Care Center | November 20, 2023

While the holidays add joy and excitement to the long winter months, they also bring dangers for our pets. There are many indoor and outdoor toxins that your pet can access at this time of year. Here are a few of the most toxic holiday plants to look out for, so you can keep your […]

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The Facts about Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex (Kennel Cough)

By St Johns Bluff Animal Care Center | October 5, 2023

If you follow the news, you have no doubt heard something about “kennel cough”, a respiratory virus affecting dogs, particularly in the United States. Reported symptoms include coughing, sneezing, nasal or eye discharge, and lethargy, with some cases leading to pneumonia. The amount of media coverage of this sickness can be concerning for pet owners. […]

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